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Motif FoodWorks puts plants to work, unveiling PorkWorks, BeefWorks, and ChickenWorks

Motif ChickenWorks // Photo Credit: Motif FoodWorks

Back in April, FootPrint Coalition Ventures portfolio company, Motif FoodWorks launched its debut direct-to-customer product, the burger that had the FPC team drooling. It didn’t take long for it to completely sell out.

According to Motif’s CEO Michael Leonard, “When we sample our products at tradeshows and events, the number one question we are asked is ‘Where can I buy your product?’”

Now the Boston-based company is answering that question with new plant-based products available for shipping starting this year.

The company is expanding its portfolio to include not only juicy burgers with Motif BeefWorks, but flavorful pork grounds with Motif PorkWorks, and crispy chicken cutlets with Motif ChickenWorks.

(They are even working on a top-secret recipe for mouthwatering, stringy, stretchy, melting plant-based cheese. Will it be called Motif CheeseWorks?! Only time will tell.)

Motif is showing off its portfolio of flavors at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show this week and next week, highlighting its beef and pork products. The chicken cutlet will launch later this year.

Motif BeefWorks // Photo Credit: Motif FoodWorks

According to Motif, the top two reasons people don’t like plant-based meats are taste and texture. In fact, according to the 2022 issue of Mintel Reports US: Plant-based Proteins, 53% of consumers said they would eat more meat alternatives if they tasted better and were more akin to the animal meat experience. So Motif is aiming to transform the plant-based industry with alternatives that taste like meat, feel like meat, and cook like meat without actually coming from animals.

How are they doing it? With two creations: HEMAMI, a heme protein that gives the protien a rich meaty flavor and aroma, and APPETEX, which recreates the chewiness, springiness, and juiciness of animal meat while mimicking its nutritional profile.

Motif currently serves foodservice distributors and retailers, but with the new rollout, the company is satiating consumers’ yearning hunger for better vegan proteins.

Motif PorkWorks // Photo Credit: Motif FoodWorks

“With APPETEX and HEMAMI, we have refined our portfolio of products to meet the needs of foodservice customers and are eager to share samples of what is the new benchmark in plant-based meats at NRA,” Leonard said referring to the show which will be held in Boston from Saturday, May 20 through Tuesday, May 23. There Motif will be showcasing Bahn Mi Meatball Toast and Kofta Kebab made with plant-based pork along with several other meatless meat dishes.

“Motif answers operators’ desire to meet consumer demand for great-tasting plant-based food by creating alternatives that truly mimic the taste and texture of animal meat,” he said, adding in the publication Green Queen that the Motif team is “excited to offer people a way to try our products at home and taste the delicious experience created by Motif’s ingredients.”


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