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The FootPrint Coalition
Annual Impact Report

Check out our 2023 Impact Report, with insights into the ways our investments, storytelling and grants are addressing the climate crisis. 

What is the Impact Report?

We founded FootPrint Coalition to use storytelling and media, science and technology, and strategic investments to accelerate the adoption of technologies that build a future of sustainable abundance. 


It's a goal that's impossible to achieve without transparency and accountability -- to ourselves and to coalition members like you. 


That's why we're pleased to present our inaugural Impact Report.


The report is a comprehensive view into how we think about the impact that we're making through our investments, storytelling, and grantmaking work. 

The accolades and accomplishments we've already achieved -- through the award of the prestigious Falling Walls prize for breakthroughs in science funding to our amazing portfolio of companies developing the technologies that will increase the world's food supply, reduce energy demand, create clean sources of power, and move the world to a future free from fossil fuel pollution -- are just the beginning. 


We're also hoping that the awareness we bring to the companies building tomorrow's abundant future will help drive solutions to our current climate crisis. Through you, our community, we want to be able to increase awareness and build advocates for the vision we share of a greener world. 

Check out how far we've come and tell us how we're doing!

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