We need to promote development that does not destroy

our environment.

-Wangari Maathai

-Carl Sagan

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.


Footprint Coalition is a media and investment group that combines high impact media with early stage & opportunistic growth stage investments. Designed to leverage the unique voice of Robert Downey Jr. and friends, our goal is to scale adoption of technologies to restore our environment.


Footprint Coalition additionally directs grants and attention to world-changing environmental nonprofit strategies it discovers through its research.

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Hey!!! Welcome to the beginnings of FPC.


Last June, I announced my intentions to help clean up the planet. Since then it’s been quite the education. And in light of recent events, I am more motivated than ever.


“Why this?” “Why now?”…


Click here to read the thoughts of our new Footprint Coalition team on these questions.


Footprint Coalition Ventures invests in fast-growing companies that use technology to improve humanity’s impact on the planet.  We bring capital, audience,

and great storytelling to help them succeed. 


Contact us here: info@FPCVentures.com