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Zero Acre Farms


The Company

Zero Acre Farms makes better cooking oils that are better for the planet.

The Mission

Give every kitchen in the world the option for an oil change.

The Product

Zero Acre Farms has developed a way to optimize microbes that make oil naturally and harvest the oil for use on stoves and in fryers around the world.


I Dig It - Here's Why...

Zero Acre Farms makes heart-healthy oils that can replace cooking oils whose use is linked to heart disease, some types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity. But beyond the health benefits if the company can replace just one of the cooking oils that are a major contributor to deforestation (looking at you palm oil), it’d have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions and protecting precious natural resources.


Here's The Deal


An Oily Dilemma

Palming Off Deforestation

It takes 98 ears of corn, or 2,800 sunflower seeds, or 625 grapes, or 40 cups of brown rice to get just 5 tablespoons of traditional oil. Zero Acre Farms has a much lower footprint.

The destruction of natural habitats to create palm oil plantations is one significant cause of deforestation in countries around the world. By providing an oil alternative, Zero Acre Farms is taking steps to put a solution in the palms of consumers and businesses.


Cultured Tastes

Zero Acre uses a specific microbe that naturally produces lipids and is fairly omniverous when it comes to sustenance. That means the microbe requires relatively little engineering (as opposed to yeast used for the production of plant-based proteins, and can use waste streams and cheap sugars.


Better For You And The Planet

Zero Acre’s oils are also low in a type of Omega 6 fats, which contribute to general inflammation when scarfed down at the rate Western countries are nomming on ‘em. These omega-6 oils have been causally linked to poor health and chronic disease, including heart disease, the leading cause of death in the world.

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