The Company

Ÿnsect is pioneering large-scale production of mealworm protein in controlled environments for use as an alternative fishmeal and fish oil source.


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The Mission

To convert food waste into premium protein to feed livestock, pets, and people.

The Product


A healthy, natural, sustainable, and efficient protein source for food production. Mealworm cultivation utilizes food waste in a large scale, controlled factory environment, and produces a high-quality protein output.


I Dig It - Here's Why...

With wild fisheries at capacity, sustainable fish farms are an important way to feed protein to a growing population.  Continuing to feed wild fish to farm raised fish harms our ocean ecosystem.  See http://www.fao.org/state-of-fisheries-aquaculture


Why It Matters





By 2030, aquaculture will produce half of the world’s supply of fish, including fish for food and other products such as fishmeal, and will supply over 60% of the fish for human consumption. (“Fish to 2030” WorldBank)

Fewer Resources

The global fishery output allocated to feed livestock and pets is approximately 22%. Insects are a natural nutritional source for pets and farmed animals, mainly fish and poultry.


Zero Waste

Mealworms have access to their feedstock throughout the world; have low risk of disease; and produce the same amount of protein on 98% less land with 50% fewer natural resources. 

Ynsect’s process produces no waste and complies with the UN’s sustainability goals. The mealworms feeds on by-products from crop production.