Whisper Aero

The Company

Whisper Aero is developing a new propulsion system to make everything whisper quiet.

The Mission

Silence the noise so we can hear the world.

The Product

Using a new kind of technology developed by a former NASA scientist who was the brains behind Uber’s flying car division, Whisper Aero’s creating a silencer for drones’ drones and the buzz of electric engines.


I Dig It - Here's Why...

The future needs to be as considerate as it is compelling. By silencing the noise, Whisper Aero can remove one of the big obstacles to short haul electric aviation and speed its adoption.


Here's The Deal


The Sky Is The Limit


Blowing Like The Wind


Making Noise In Big Markets

About 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from planes, and Whisper Aero has a way to make it easier for electric vehicles to make noise in markets by reducing noise pollution.

The tech that Whisper Aero is developing also has potential applications for more terrestrial technologies -- making them operate more quietly too.

Sometimes it’s the quiet things that can make the most noise in big industries. With its silent propulsion systems, Whisper Aero hopes could grab multi-billion dollar contracts in the $26 billion drone market.