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The Company


TurnTide is developing the world's most reliable,

efficient, and intelligent motor system that has

the potential to reduce electricity consumption

and carbon emissions by more than 25%.

The Mission

To lower global energy consumption by

creating motors that optimize the efficient

transfer of electricity.

The Product

Unlike a standard induction motor, TurnTide's 

switched reluctance motor has no rotor bars

and therefore, no torque-producing current flow

in the rotor. Instead, driven by its advanced

software, the system converts electrical energy

into mechanical energy. This yields a product

50% more efficient than high-efficiency

fixed speed motors.


I Dig It - Here's Why...

Over 47% of the world's energy is consumed by analog motors, and more than half of that is wasted by inefficient systems. By maximizing the output of motors, TurnTide reduces the necessary energy expenditure to run our world. Switched reluctance motors are not only more sustainable than their conventional alternatives, they are also less expensive to own and operate.


How It Works


New Solutions

Potential Markets

Switched reluctance motors are simple in design but require a complex operating system. With modern computing power, TurnTide is making this previously exclusive technology accessible to individual consumers.

TurnTide is targeting heavy consumers of energy like HVAC and agriculture as its initial market. As production continues to scale, the motors might be seen in appliances, electric vehicles, and even aerospace technology.


Carbon Impact


Intelligent Technology

Replacing all of the world's motors with TurnTide technology would be the carbon equivalent of creating seven new Amazon rainforests.

TurnTide's advanced operating system allows users unparalleled control over their motors. It is the only motor that reports what it is actually doing under the hood and is even able to connect to the Internet of Things.

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