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The Company

Sealed covers the upfront costs of home upgrades like heating, air conditioning and insulation and gets paid only when houses save energy. 

The Mission

Make every home more energy efficient and sustainable without homeowners paying a cent for home improvement. 

The Product

Sealed determines homeowners’ energy usage and potential savings opportunities, pays for home improvements, connects homeowners with contractors, and cuts energy spending by an average of 25%. 

Suburban Family Home

I Dig It - Here's Why...

Giving people a way to upgrade their old heating and air conditioning systems and better insulate their homes can cut nearly a quarter of the $50 billion the US wastes on home heating, cooling, and power. It can also reduce the 20% of greenhouse gas emissions that come from US homes. 

It's simple and elegant. It's easier than nuclear fusion. And it can potentially reduce a lot of the greenhouse gas emissions that come from US houses.


How It Works

This Old House


Nearly 65% of US homes were built before 1990 when energy standards were first established and 97% of homes could be modernized with better insulation, HVAC, smart thermometers, and Energy Star appliances. 


Get Pumped

Sealed modernizes inefficient HVAC systems by replacing them with heat pump technology, which can reduce electricity use by up to 50% compared to furnaces and baseboard heaters. 

Money Pits


Upgrading houses can help save some of the $50 billion in energy costs that's seeping out of homeowners pockets and into the atmosphere as excess greenhouse gas emissions. 


Cornering The Market

The company covers 100% of the upfront costs of energy saving insulation and appliance installation projects to save homeowners money and save the planet. 

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