the company

RWDC is the leading manufacturer of PHA, a bio-based alternative to plastic, created by feeding used cooking oil to microbes.

the mission

To replace plastic with a natural, bio-based material that leaves no trace of microplastics in its wake.

the product

PHA is a naturally-occurring material that looks, feels and behaves like regular plastic.  It is not a crappy paper straw.

But PHA is biovanescent - it is completely marine biodegradable and does not break down into microplastics. And importantly, PHA is a ‘drop in replacement’ to existing plastic manufacturing processes, and is cost effective.

i dig it - here's why...

Despite intense, decades-long efforts to effectively recycle plastic, the reality is that overwhelming heaps of plastic and microplastic  continue to infiltrate our food systems, water supplies and oceans.
More recycling may help, but we ultimately need to replace a large portion of what is manufactured.

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how it's better


There are 150m metric tonnes of plastic floating in our oceans today


Algae - when given the right feed stock, temperature and pressure -  create PHA. RWDC is building the largest-scale PHA factories in the world. 


Microplastic particles - the end product of plastic waste - contaminate 80% of our seafood and tap-water supplies.


To create PHA, RWDC collects waste cooking oil from fast food restaurants and feeds it to microbes. 



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