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Prolific Machines


The Company

Prolific develops technology that makes cultivated meat cost competitive with factory farming.

The Mission

Support the shift to sustainable sources of protein and erase the environmental footprint of animal agriculture.

The Product

Prolific is teaming with one of the world’s best chefs to bring delicious wagyu beef to your dinner plate.


I Dig It - Here's Why...

Feeding a growing planet will require protein - lots of protein. Cultivated meat can fill the gap, but only if it’s affordable. Prolific is solving for this. 


Here's The Deal


450 Gallons of Water

30% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

That’s how much water big farms need to produce every single quarter pound burger. Saving that water is becoming critical as droughts become more frequent. By providing delicious Wagyu without the water waste, Prolific gives consumers an option to conserve without sacrificing the mouth-watering taste they deserve.

Animal agriculture currently contributes about one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and the climate crisis. If Prolific’s beef can become the default for grocery store shoppers, then backing the business is a no-brainer.


Building a Better Steak

Prolific’s brilliant team has developed technology that reduces the need for pricey inputs…a challenge that has long vexed the industry. 


Where's the Beef?

There’s more we wish we could share, but we need to keep a lid on things for now. Rest assured, the company’s got much more than just sizzle. 

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