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Tesla opens supercharging network to other EVs

Tesla is making good on its commitment to open up its ultrafast supercharger network to other electric vehicles.

The company started a pilot program in The Netherlands, which is the first test of its service with non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers.

Tesla said that 10 electric vehicle charging stations are now available to Dutch non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers — as long as they download the Tesla app.

Tesla has more than 25,000 superchargers installed around the world and first began building out its supercharger network in 2012.

It was a prescient move for the company and underscores the value that Tesla has as more than just an electric vehicle company, but as the energy company that Elon Musk claimed the company could be.

Operating as a charging network provider (one of the world’s largest); a solar energy installer and grid integration service provider (through the Powerwall); and one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles gives Tesla

“It’s always been our ambition to open the Supercharger network to Non-Tesla EVs, and by doing so, encourage more drivers to go electric,” the company said in a statement. “This move directly supports our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”


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