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SOURCE Global will bring clean drinking water to 1,000 more homes in CA

Thanks to a $7 million donation from Chamath Palihapitiya, the billionaire investor and former Facebook executive, SOURCE Global (a FootPrint Coalition grant recipient) will deliver more of its drinking water producing hydropanels to 1,000 homes in California.

Image Credit: SOURCE Global

Through the one2one USA Foundation, SOURCE Global will install its technology on homes throughout the drought damaged California counties of Fresno, Monterey, Kern, and Tulare.

Residents in the region are battling more than just drought. Water supplies throughout California’s area are contaminated with nitrate and arsenic levels that are five and six times above the safe drinking water limit.

Palihapitiya said in a statement the pledge was part of his firm’s mission to address the impacts the climate crisis. Social Capital has made a number of investments in electric vehicle charging, solar lending and other businesses that are aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions and stopping global warming.

This pledge is part of Chamath Palihapitiya and Social Capital’s ongoing mission to address — through donations and direct investment — the impacts of the climate crisis, including lack of access to safe, high-quality drinking water.

SOURCE Hydropanels use the sun to create premium drinking water by drawing water vapor out of the air, even in the driest climates on the planet.

“Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right that has been denied to underserved and minority communities across California. This health and inequality crisis has been exacerbated by the devastating effects of the current drought and the lack of renewable sources of high-quality drinking water in poor and minority communities at scale,” said Palihapitiya. “By leveraging technologies like SOURCE Global’s transformative, renewable water system, we can even the starting line and give underserved families access to the safe drinking water we all need to survive.”

For Cody Friesen, the founder and chief executive of SOURCE, the opportunity to install his water production technology in California’s Central Valley means addressing the climate crisis directly on the front lines.

“As the climate crisis continues, more and more of us will face similar challenges,” said Friesen, in a statement. “It’s clear that we can no longer rely solely on extracting our drinking water from the earth’s shrinking resources, packaging it in plastic, or treating and transporting it over long distances. We need a better way. We created SOURCE to perfect water for every person, every place, including those who have no water in their homes, who are dealing with contamination, aging infrastructure, and shrinking water supplies or who simply want a reliable source of high-quality drinking water in their homes and are interested in living more sustainably. ”

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