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Rewiring America will tell you how much $$ you can get from the new U.S. climate bill

Rewiring America, the nonprofit advocacy group that's helping consumers electrify everything and decarbonize their lives, has a new tool to let folks in the U.S. know how much money they can get to go electric.

The online calculator is just the latest initiative from the nonprofit founded by Ari Matusiak and Saul Griffith.

The importance of this kind of outreach can't be overstated. There's a lot of money that's going to be flowing from federal coffers directly into consumers wallets -- if they know how to access it.

Some entrepreneurs are already building businesses to streamline the process -- especially in areas where state spending will supplement federal money with even more payouts to consumers who make the switch to electric.

"The IRA moves ~$100 billion across a number of tax credit, rebate and low cost financing programs to support household electrification: EVs, EV charging, rooftop solar, battery storage, heat pump air and water cooling, heat pump clothes drying, induction cooktops and critical upgrades to breaker boxes and wiring," Matusiak wrote in a memo to Rewiring America's membership and supporters.

Of course, companies like the FootPrint Coalition-backed Sealed or BlocPower can also help consumers navigate the energy efficiency and electric upgrades they're looking to make.

And new lenders like EV Life are coming online to help consumers find their way through the maze of options on buying a new or used electric vehicle.

"The power of the IRA is in its comprehensiveness and the complementary nature of the policies. The challenge with the IRA is in its translation for homeowners, making the benefits easy to access and understand," Matusiak wrote. "This is critically important, as that $100 billion is a potential number, based on consumer awareness and uptake. Because so much of our emissions reductions depend on converting households from fossil fuels to an efficient, electric format, ease of access to these dollars is a climate must-do."


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