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Red Sox to offset fan emissions with (FPC Ventures-backed) Aspiration's green finance services

The Boston Red Sox are becoming the first Major League Baseball team to go green by offsetting their fans' emissions.

Working with the FootPrint Coalition-backed green finance startup, Aspiration, the Red Sox will neutralize greenhouse gas emissions of fans attending games at Fenway Park in Boston.

It's all being done by Aspiration's Sustainable Impact Services and Planet Protection feature. Long a player in consumer finance with offset options for consumer purchases, and a tree planting initiative with roundups, alongside a monitoring and management tool of the emissions profiles of services, Aspiration is also offering those services to larger businesses.

The Aspiration Planet Protection contribution will be embedded in every ticket purchase for a game at Fenway Park and a portion of each ticket sale will go to fund the acquisition of carbon credits -- the financing mechanism that supports carbon removal initiatives to offset greenhouse gas emissions. “Finding sustainable and efficient ways to lower our carbon footprint and help offset the environmental impact of a 110-year-old ballpark requires creativity, unique methods, and deeply passionate partners like Aspiration,” said Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner.

Fenway Park, built in 1912, is one of the oldest baseball parks in the U.S. and is also one of the greenest. The stadium has worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council to install solar panels, recycling services, and other sustainable operations, according to a statement.


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