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‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness is turning hair care green

“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness has launched a sustainable line of hair care products in a move that shows how green chemicals companies are transforming traditional industries.

Image Credit: JVN Hair

Working with a company developing products using genetic engineering to make chemicals from organisms instead of oil, Van Ness is launching JVN Hair. It’s a line of hair care products that are made with a compound invented by a company called Amyris that’s been working on making green chemicals for over a decade.

This Amyris molecule penetrates the hair shaft, providing weightless nourishment that makes hair more manageable while reducing frizz and preserving color, the company said in a statement. Amyris bill the product for as a replacement for silicone (which isn’t biodegradable, but is better for the environment than traditional plastics, because it doesn’t break down into microplastic particles).

Amyris initially targeted the oil and gas industry with its unique process for converting sugars into chemicals, but pivoted to the beauty, flavors, and fragrances industries, because they were worth more and provided an easier market than commodity oil and gas.

The sugar-based compound that Amyris invented is at the core of all 10 of the products in the new Jonathan Van Ness hair care line, but the commitment to sustainability goes beyond the ingredient label.

“I am exceptionally proud to say that JVN is truly for everyone — it is effective for all hair types, while still being sustainable for our gorgeous earth,” said Jonathan Van Ness, in a statement.

This is the third beauty brand that Amyris has launched in the last month. The others included a makeup line launched with the model and social media celebrity Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Rose Inc.; and the skincare brand, Terasana.

The company’s interest in sustainability extends to its packaging in aluminum and glass containers and a commitment to become plastic-free by 2025.

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