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Global warming brings record-breaking tornado season to the U.S.

Global warming is likely one of the factors behind one of the worst months for tornados in U.S. history.

Forecasters from AccuWeather believe that March 2022 could set a record for the most tornadoes in a month across the U.S. since record-keeping began. When the final tally is in, March 2022 very well could set a record for the most tornadoes ever in the month of March across the U.S. since record-keeping began.

At least 253 tornado reports were recorded throughout March 2022, according to a tally from the government's Storm Prediction Center.

If only 193 of those reports are confirmed as actual tornadoes it would break the record of 192 confirmed tornadoes in 2017, according to the National Climatic Data Center, AccuWeather reported. Records date back to 1950, though the numbers for 2020 through 2022 are preliminary.

The tornadoes swept through the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast over the course of the month killing at least 7 people and causing lawmakers to rethink the storm warning system with the introduction of the TORNADO act.

There's a high likelihood that severe weather will increase as global warming continues to transform the environment. Even if the world curbs its dependence on fossil fuels, investments in better infrastructure including warning systems, building materials and shelters will need to improve in the coming years.

"It's great to see lawmakers interested in the country's ability to prepare, react and respond to tornadoes -- however, I think the bill needs to have a much greater focus on strengthening the reliability of the National Weather Service's dissemination capabilities, especially in light of the challenges that have been documented with NWS dissemination technology in many severe weather outbreaks in recent years," AccuWeather Senior Vice President and Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter said of the push from lawmakers.

On a macro level, these kinds of early warning systems are being developed by startup technology companies like the FootPrint Coalition Ventures investment ClimateAI, which can forecast weather months in advance to protect supply chains and avoid disruptions in food production.

Other companies like Weather Analytics, Climacell, and Earth Networks are all developing new technologies to provide more granular and specific weather data for consumers and businesses.

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