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Flying electric taxis could take off a little sooner thanks to Whisper Aero

“The future needs to be as considerate as it is compelling.”

That’s what our founder Robert Downey Jr. said of our latest investment, Whisper Aero— and it’s the underlying thesis behind all of the investments we’re making at FootPrint Coalition Ventures.

Image Credit: Uber

What Whisper Aero is considering is nothing less than a new propulsion system that can make devices ranging from electric flying cars and drones to the humble leaf blower operate a little bit more efficiently — and much more quietly.

Creating unchecked noise pollution for the sake of electric aviation’s vital future is a problem, and FootPrint Coalition Ventures is proud to be a part of the $7.5 million round led by Menlo Ventures with participation from earlier investors Lux Capital and Kindred Ventures.

It would be hard to find a team more qualified for the work than the group that’s developing this propulsion technology at Whisper.

Founded by Mark Moore, a former NASA engineer who went on to lead Uber’s flying car division before it was sold to Joby Aviation, Whisper Aero’s team includes many of the senior leaders who worked at Uber’s revolutionary transportation moonshot.

Simply put, Mark’s team is thinking about the challenge correctly, and engineering the future without the inherent vice that so often accompanies progress.

And while flying cars capture the imagination, the company’s technology has applications in many more markets.

Looking at more quiet propulsion systems for drones broadly could be a multi-billion dollar market on its own. And silencing noisy appliances and lawn products like hair dryers or leaf blowers are another big — if more quotidian — opportunity for Whisper Aero.

For all of its market opportunities, the biggest impact will likely be on aviation and transportation. Flying accounts for 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and any technology that can reduce that footprint or encourage the adoption of electrification is a technology that FootPrint Coalition will support.

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