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Department of Energy creates Clean Energy Corps to help deploy renewable projects

The U.S. Department of Energy is launching a "Clean Energy Corps" to research, develop, demonstrate and deploy solutions to climate change, the agency said yesterday.

The new Clean Energy Corps will look to recruit 1,000 new employees leveraging hiring authority granted to it in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to accelerate spending for the $62 billion in funding that's been allocated to the Department.

Over the last year, Jigar Shah, the Director of the Loan Programs Office, basically has been pleading with states, cities, and towns across the U.S. to take his money.

It's the largest staff expansion at the Department of Energy since the agency was created in 1977 and is trying to push through the President's climate agenda even as its largest policy initiative is stalled by members of Congress.

“This is an open call for all Americans who are passionate about taking a proactive role in tackling the climate crisis and want to join the team that is best positioned to lead this transformative work,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm, in a statement. “Solving the world’s greatest challenge will require the inclusion of all voices, perspectives and experiences – and we need people like you to ensure that DOE fulfills on our commitment to accelerating the clean energy transition to reduce emissions and save our planet.”

The DOE is hiring now, so anyone looking for a job in the climate fight with the largest investor in sustainable technologies in the U.S. should apply.

Here's what the DOE is looking for:

  • Program and Portfolio Management

  • Project Management 

  • Engineering

  • Physical Science

  • Grants/Contract Management

  • Legal

  • Information Technology/Cybersecurity

  • Safety and Occupational Health

  • Business Administration

  • Finance/Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Public Policy

  • Communications

  • Legislative Affairs 

Anyone interested in joining the Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Corps can submit their resume, skills, and areas of interest at

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