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MyForest Foods


The Company

MyForest Foods develops and produces mycelium-based “whole-cut” meat replacements.

The Mission

To replace livestock farming, a massive environmental threat, with planet-friendly meat alternatives grown through natural processes.

The Product

Unlike other plant-based meats, which are extruded and highly processed, Atlast’s natural growth yields a whole structure that requires almost zero processing. In their state-of-the-art facilities, the company uses solid state fermentation to harvest mycelium fibers in a tissue that resembles the fiber-like network of muscle tissues in animals. The final product is a whole cut of meat that looks, feels, and tastes exactly like its animal-based counterparts.


I Dig It - Here's Why...

Animal Agriculture leaves a larger carbon footprint on our planet than all forms of transportation combined. MyForest Foods aims to fix that without forcing people to change their eating habits. Harvesting equivalent, if not better, products from mushrooms instead of animals will accommodate our diets and strengthen our planet.


How It Works

Environmental Impact


The indoor vertical farming of MyBacon uses only 10% of the acreage and 1% of the water required for an equal amount of traditional pork production. It emits a fraction of the CO2 released by livestock farming.


Groundbreaking Efficiency

Traditionally, fungi have been hard to harvest on a large scale. However, with their research and facilities that optimize growing conditions, MyForest Foods' entire growth process only takes around ten days from spore to slab.


Whole Cuts

Although an assortment of plant-based meats has hit the market in recent years, whole cuts are a largely unexplored sector despite comprising 80% of the market for meat. MyForest Foods is reshaping that narrative with mycelium-based whole cuts that require less processing and yield healthier, better tasting products.



MyForest Foods' first product on the market is mushroom-based bacon. The company plans to expand production and distribution this year to increase the product’s reach.

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