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Kindred Motorworks


The Company

Kindred is the first company to market EV conversions of classic cars on a massive scale. 

The Mission

Make driving the classic cars everyone loves an electric proposition.

The Product

Kindred restores classic cars, turning them into modern electric and fuel efficient kings of the road – starting with a VW Microbus, a classic Camaro, and a Bronco. 


I Dig It - Here's Why...

Kindred Motorworks is leading a real charge to restore old cars sustainably. They are bringing vintage cars we love to life while being kind to the planet. 


Here's The Deal


1.4 Billion

Money Making Machines

There are 1.4 Billion internal combustion cars on the road today and for the older models that still make drivers swoon, that’s several million models that could be converted into electric vehicles.

Every year roughly $24.5 billion of vintage cars are sold in the U.S., with an average sale price of $50,000.  “Crate engine sales” (new motors for old cars) in the US are valued at another $25 billion.


Keep the Car Running

Kindred’s modified electric vehicles will have a range of 200 miles per charge and the company is now taking reservations for its modified Volkswagen Microbus, vintage Ford Broncos, and Camaros. 


5,000 Hours

Kindred’s team will spend 5,000 hours breaking down and reconstructing a vehicle several times so that each part and step is prototyped and documented. The company also uses software to map and document each build and optimize parts and delivery. The goal, is to be able to make the process as off-the-shelf and repeatable as possible. That’ll bring down costs and make these conversions more affordable for more folks.

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