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Sound Ag


The Company

Sound Ag is bringing high tech tools to take Old McDonald’s farm into the 21st century. 

The Mission

Unleash the power of plants to create a more agile and resilient food system by transforming how we farm and what we eat

The Product

Sound Ag speeds up plant breeding to make new varieties of fruits and vegetables and produces a new fertilizer that reduces the use of the nitrates that can pollute soil and water. 



I Dig It - Here's Why...

This company is leading the next great leap forward in farming for better human and planetary health.


Here's The Deal


A Farmer's Best Friend

Good For Crops & Planet

Sound Ag’s fertilizer boosts the amount of produce farms can grow while saving farmers money on fertilizer costs (which have gone up by about 200%).   

Traditional fertilizer and industrial farming techniques mean that food and agriculture account for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 48% of US surface water quality issues. Funding tech to reduce that seems like a sound investment. 


Better Living Through Biology

Finding ways to breed fruits and vegetables that stay fresh for longer and with more appealing flavor profiles can help people eat better – reducing the need for the processed foods folks default to eating. Poor diets lead to poor health – and that costs the US $50 billion. 


Nitrogen Is Nasty

Nitrogen fertilizers alone represent somewhere between 3% and 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Rising costs for the stuff is driving up the price of produce while its pollution of rivers and waterways has created a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico about the size of Connecticut. To top it off, the stuff has 298 times the warming potential of CO2. 

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