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The Company

Lyten makes advanced materials used in everything from industrial alloys to electric vehicle batteries.  

The Mission

Produce new materials ensuring that every battery and heavy-duty machined part are the safest, cheapest, lightest, strongest and most sustainable products in the world. 

The Product

Lyten makes 3-D graphene, a new material that promises to transform the way we make everything. 



I Dig It - Here's Why...

Lyten’s 3-D graphene material makes things better, stronger, and cheaper. Its first step? Providing a new way to power the EV revolution. 


Here's The Deal


$100 Billion

Rare Earth Elements Need Not Apply

The market for batteries is expected to be more than $100 billion by 2030, according to analyst estimates - and it’s the industry that Lyten is tackling first.  

Lyten’s materials make using mined minerals and rare earth elements like cobalt, nickel, and graphite unnecessary. So no need to rely on potentially hostile countries or environmentally damaging mining for vital parts of the new energy supply chain. 



Using Lyten’s special materials, companies can make products that are twice as strong and 50% lighter. For companies that use plastic molds, it also reduces the amount of material needed. And reducing demand cuts the carbon footprint of manufacturing. 

Black and White Earth _edited.png.webp

Lower Footprint, Higher Charge

144 gallons of water. That’s how much is needed to make 1 gallon of milk. That’s to grow the crops that feed the cows that make the milk that becomes the cream in our coffee or the cheese on our bagels. Using plants to make replacements can significantly reduce the stress our cheese habit puts on the planet.

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