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Conservation Tech Challenge

The Conservation Challenge Grant raised more than $30,000 from more than 600 backers. The seven projects that were funded include, an innovative sensor package to monitor coral reef environments in real-timea citizen science effort to monitor water quality in south Floridaand a novel strategy for mapping and monitoring critical habitat from spaceAnd more!


Just because the challenge grant has ended doesn't mean you've missed your opportunity. The time is always right to host your conservation technology project. Our friends at Experiment are standing by to help you launch your own idea into the world. 


What Is Conservation Tech?

Conservation technology broadly encompasses the emerging tools, techniques, and platforms being used to understand and protect the natural world. This Challenge Grant aims to support the design, implementation, or study of important new conservation technology applications.

Why Do It?

Biologists are looking to emerging technologies to understand and intervene in the ecosystems they’re trying to monitor and protect. Simultaneously, technologists and engineers are looking to apply their skills to meaningful conservation problems. Both groups are hoping for leverage and scale amidst a daunting array of environmental challenges.

The Platform is the largest crowdfunding platform for scientific research, and we partnered with them to find the best scientists for the job.

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