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The Company

Manufactures high quality bamboo toilet paper and paper towels, sold directly to consumers and to businesses that care about the environment.

The Mission

Build the world’s most sustainable paper.  End global deforestation.

The Product

Tree-free toilet paper and paper towels. Made with 100% bamboo paper and packaged without plastic. Subscription-based direct to consumer and direct to business fulfillment.


I Dig It - Here's Why...

Globally, toilet paper and paper towels contribute 20% of deforestation; but bamboo, when sustainably cultivated, can be an earth friendly source for textiles, wood alternatives, and paper pulp. And that feels better on your skin and your conscience.


Why It's Better



Fast Growing


Because of its natural versatility, bamboo is a powerful tool to regenerate eroded soil and  land due to previous deforestation practices. Most of its growth is in natural expansion or as a way to regenerate degraded land. 

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, growing up to 3 feet per day while absorbing massive amounts of carbon during this growth phase. This is 20x as fast as trees commonly used for tissue products.



The bamboo plant doesn’t die after harvesting. This means there is no need for replanting, and the plant can be harvested annually for up to 50 years. In general, 20-25% of the poles in a bamboo forest or plantation can be sustainably harvested  annually without decreasing the health of the plant population.



 Bamboo sequesters 3-4 times more Co2 than any other plant (including trees) and releases 35% more oxygen than other plants 



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