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Climate AI


The Company

ClimateAI has developed modeling tools to determine what the weather will be months to years in advance. 

The Mission

Provide better weather predictions so companies and their customers aren’t left out in the cold. 

The Product

Pinpoint precision forecasting on future weather events that companies use to understand and plan in the face of climate disasters. 


I Dig It - Here's Why...

Climate change is making natural disasters more frequent and more disastrous. Whether it’s drought or deep freezes; floods or fires; hurricanes or tornadoes; hundred year storms and fearsome fires are happening nearly every decade -- and in some cases every year.


Climate AI is helping companies make sense of the storms and allowing them to protect their supply chains so customers can get the things they need without interruptions. 


How It Works


$202 Million



That’s the daily price tag from the increasing frequency of climate related disasters according to the World Meteorological Organization. ClimateAI’s modeling and forecasting tools can help predict these events and help companies respond. 


No Crystal Balls Required

Using machine learning, ClimateAI’s tools can help businesses identify new locations to expand farming for particular crops, which could help keep prices low in case of climate-fueled shortages from traditional growing regions. 

About 32% of all cropland could be impacted by drought by 2050, according to one report from The Chatham House. These stresses are going to make finding new farmland as weather patterns change increasingly important. It’s another area where better long-term weather prediction tools can make a difference.


Cornering The Market

All of these forecasting and modeling tools improve resiliency in the face of increasing climate disasters. And that saves lives by reducing the risk of food shortages or supply chain disruptions for valuable goods and services. It turns out when it comes to making forecasts months and years out, you need an AI weatherman to know which way the wind blows. 

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