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FootPrint Coalition Science Engine

2022 Highlights

2022 was a fantastic, inaugural year for the FootPrint Coalition Science Engine, our innovative fast grant model to fund environmental research.


We launched 7 categories in cutting-edge environmental tech: Cellular Agriculture, Conservation Biotech, Environmental Justice, Indigenous Futures, Metascience, Mycological Innovations, and Negative Emissions Technologies; we funded 40 projects in those areas; and we won Breakthrough of the Year in Science and Innovation Management at Falling Walls!


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Highlights from 2022 below:

Lab Notes


Mapping the humpback whale genome


Can we hear how mycelia



Can we produce plant

protein fibers to emulate

whole cut cultured meat?


How will coldwater fish

survive on a hot planet?



Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year 2022


Falling Walls Breakthrough Conversation


Composite leather from textile waste (referenced in #1)


SciBetter Interviews with David Lang of

Thank You

To Our Science Leads: Isha Datar, Ryan Phelan, Bridget Baumgartner, Keolu Fox, Sacoby Wilson, James Weis, Antoni Gandia, Paul Reginato and Merritt Dailey


To our partners


To our Researchers


To our Category Cofunders


To our Project Backers


To our FootPrint Coalition colleagues

We are grateful for our first year of the FootPrint Coalition Science Engine. Here's to many more years...and tons more environmental research! Tell your friends!

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