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Science Engine

Environmental Tech Researchers:

We are thrilled to have launched the first fundable projects on our platform!

Visit our SCIENCE ENGINE PAGE, donate what you can, and share with friends to help get these projects across the finish line! 

FootPrint Coalition's Science Engine is a new hub where leading scientists can share their research and engage directly with our audience to support it. Our platform, powered by, provides fast grants to individual researchers working on technologies combating our climate and biodiversity crises. The research is selected from esteemed partners, whom we call "Science Leads," to spearhead these efforts in vitally important fields. Folks exploring the solutions below should:

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NEW: Negative Emissions Technologies

...remove and sequester carbon dioxide from the air.


"Whether via a new technology approach or an advanced measurement technique, our aim is to accelerate the reduction of atmospheric CO2."

Mycological Innovations the study of fungi, a group that includes the mushrooms and yeasts.


"Fungi are for our ecosystems what an operating system is for a computer..."

Cellular Agriculture the production of agricultural products such as meat, milk, and eggs from cell cultures rather than whole animals.


"In the spirit of emergent strategy, we're reinventing all of our grant programs…in order to keep pushing for radical change we have to keep reinventing ourselves."

Indigenous Futures


...seeks to empower the Indigenous researchers and innovators asking the most pressing questions and bringing that knowledge into action.

"While there is wide interest in both Indigenous knowledge systems and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and geoengineering, their funding remains siloed. To my knowledge this is the first program that recombines these interests, and empowers Indigenous researchers to fund each other in a peer-to-peer fashion. This infrastructure will support Indigenous innovation for more sustainable futures."

Community Science & Environmental Justice

...are needed to put science and scientific tools into the hands of populations and communities with environmental hazards and health issues. 


"If we’re going to have a better response to biological disasters or the next climate or technological disaster, we have to understand how racism plays a major role in our policies...[and] invest in transformative change where we make communities healthier, more viable ecosystems."

Conservation Biotech

...means new biotechnologies to understand, monitor, and sometimes intervene in ecosystems around the world.

BB RP.png

"We need to start using all of our powers for the good of the planet. Biotechnologies made for human medicines can and should be used to help heal nature."

Augmented Discovery

...using artificial intelligence could help us find the next big environmental breakthrough faster than we could on our own.


"We want to help unlock the potential of a diverse scientific community, using data-driven methods to find 'hidden gem' technologies and researchers. We hope to find the most innovative and impactful projects, regardless of the institution they are affiliated with, or how connected they are."

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