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Nature’s Fynd is expanding its vegan dairy and sausage options

Nature’s Fynd, the plant-based food company whose product is based on a novel bacteria discovered in Yellowstone National Forest, is rolling out two new flavors.

Image Credit: Nature’s Fynd

The company is adding a chive flavor to its cream cheese replacement and a maple flavored meatless sausage to its product suite.

It’s only been a few months since Nature’s Fynd raised a whopping $350 million for it’s suite of plant-based food products made from the novel microbe, Fy.

The company’s flagship products are all based on the Fusarium strain flavolapis microbe — essentially a microbe with 9 essential amino acids that can be turned into meat and dairy products through fermentation.

This fermentation process, which is also being used by companies like Perfect Day and Remilk for dairy; Nourish Ingredients to make plant-based fats; SuperBrewed for protein powders in plant-based cheeses; and Meati, Better Meat Co. and Atlast Foods (a FootPrint Coalition portfolio company), who’re all using it to make meat replacements.

We’re now seeing where some of the money that Nature’s Fynd raised is being spent, but it’s a drop in the bucket of the roughly $1 billion that was invested in animal alternative food products in the month of July alone.

As FootPrint Coalition’s Director of Venture Investments, Manuel Waenke, said at the time, “Yes, we have seen a lot of money deployed in this space and some high valuations both in public and private markets, but the space has decades of runway ahead of us.”


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